sobota, 10 września 2011

childhood fears

Recently I re-read some of my favourite Stephen King's novels: Salem's Lot, IT, The Shining. Yeah I do like scary books, movies ect. But only good ones.
All these novels have one thing in common, something I have never paid any attention to, but this time, after re-reading all these books one after another, it just became so obvious.
These are all about children who were scared- and lonely. There was nobody to share their fears with? Or maybe, these fears just could not be shared?

I started to recall my own childhood fears. Of course, I was afraid of ghosts ect, but this thing never bothered me too much. Other fears were more real. And I do not remember myself, being a child, sharing this with anybody; not even my friends.

So first of all, I was a victim of communist policy- the tv propaganda, and taming of solidarity movement. I was 7-8 years old at the time.
I remember people running, trying to escape the special police units. If one wasn't running fast enough, they would catch him, or her, and the 'fun' would start. The beating. They did this to my father once. People would even run on the roofs of the buildings. Then came the tear gas; and walking to school in tears.
On tv one could see movies about 2nd World War, especially those about concentration camps were horrific. Some other topic? Here you go- USA gov wants to nuke us.
I mean seriously. Even in school we were trained how to behave when it happens. Note- no 'if' it happens, but 'when'.

So I remember going to summer camp when I was 8, and I remember myself crying in the night, because I was scared- what if the Americans nuke my town, my parents would die? -and I thought it would have be so much better if I did not leave, so I would die with them. I never told ANYBODY about it.
Or I was scared the Nazis would come again, and take my little brother to the concentration camp. I used to spend long hours thinking about ways to hide him- he was a cute 2 year old at the time.

Seems so absurd now but at the time it was so real for me. I wonder if anybody had similar experiences?
Well I wonder how many children have such fears -NOW. How many children are afraid of a possibility that their families would be tortured or killed, their homes destroyed? Just thinking.

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Łukasz Klimczyk pisze...

I find your blog very interesting! I'm an atheist, I'm not going to convince you in any way. I just want to make a relation with you and learn something about your religion ;) Oh, I almost forgot ... I add to your favorites! ;)

ulahere pisze...

thanks for kind words :) I'll try to put more effort into this blog and make it more informative. there are still so many things about islam people do not know. recently i am passionate about ecology in islam; there is a totally new thing about it, called 'the green deen'- muslims re-reading Qur'an focusing on ecology, looking for prophetic translations on this topic- and it's so surprising there are so many of them. anyway- inshaAllah, i'd love to write more about that in future, and, in Polish.

Muni pisze...

When I travel by plane and go thru all this checkpoints and x-rayed gates my childhood fears seem to be very remote. Instead I start to have my grown-up fears. I think of islamic terrorists then. This is what is scary, like it or not.

Van Hall pisze...

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ulahere pisze...

@Muni, believe me I am also scared of terrorists, muslim or non-muslim alike.

Monika pisze...

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Wild Soul pisze...

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Anonimowy pisze...

Świetny blog . Dołączyłam do obserwatorów i liczę na rewanż ;*

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Joel Stottlemire pisze...

I had wondered about children in Steven King. Specifically, I wondered a lot about bringing children back to their childhood monster in "It." As I recall one of them chooses suicide over facing down the childhood demon a second time.

Thanks for you post. Very thought provoking.


Keygan. pisze...

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Paulina Wielbicka pisze...

HI,my english isnt well, but I have child fears - many: ghost, creature etc., but my worst fear was uncle, who everytime when I was little 6 -13 years old girl touched me. Its terrible and awful experience. I hope that you are happy now :), beacause I must be very strong woman for my experiences.

Awais Ali pisze...

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