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Muslim body refuses to bury 9 killers

pozwole sobie skopiowac caly artykul bo na ogol ludzie wierza, ze muzulmanie przyklaskuja terrorystom i maja ich za bohaterow.
otoz muzulmanskie organizacje w Indiach odmowily pochowku cial 9 zabitych terrorystow na muzulmanskich cmentarzach w Indiach.

MUMBAI: The Muslim Council on Sunday decided not to allow burial of the bodies of the nine terrorists killed during the Mumbai siege in the Marine
Lines Bada Qabrastan (cemetery).

The council said it was trying to send a message to all cemeteries in India that none of the bodies should be buried on Indian soil.

Bhai Jagtap, a Congress MLA from VP Road-JJ constituency, told TOI some Muslim organisations had approached him demanding that the terrorists should not be buried in any cemetery in India.

"Considering their sentiments, I am trying to get in touch with deputy CM R R Patil and other senior leaders. I will forward this message to the state government," said Jagtap. The council authorities have handed over a letter to the Marine Lines cemetery in this regard.

In 2003, a Pakistani national killed in an encounter was buried in a Mumbai cemetery. This time, it has been decided not to allow burial of the terrorists because of the gravity of the attack. However, other Muslims organisations are yet to take a decision on the issue.

niektore komentarze pod artykulem /autorami sa muzulmanie/

Syed,Riyadh,says:First of all why a terrorist be branded as a Muslim. A terrorist has no religion, language, culture, ethnicity or race. His body should either be burned or thrown into the sea. There should not be any rituals or rights.

Thameez,Dubai,says:As a Muslim I appreciate this decision. Not to do burial service in India later Pakistanis will make a habit that we Indian Muslims will do the burial service for them.

Mohammed Zakir,Karachi,says:myself and my colleague strongly urge that these terrorist bodies to be cut in 3 pieces and thrown in Jungle. Further, we all, invite Govt. attention that alive one person to be hanged in Public and not to be hanged inside 4 walls.. Let all public see of his death. If we are juridical team, we will hang him alive and asked public to stone him until death.. Let one stone injury makes him to think the pain of those family suffering on account of them.

abdullah,Mumbai,says:There is no identification of their religion, how come muslim will accept them to be cremated in muslim cementary. See one of the terrorist right hand wearing hand band of terrorist organization? There is no religion of terrorist. Islam does not accept terrorism and muslims should not become terrorist due to politics, If they have to take revenge, then take revenge from the person who terrorised you.

Deven,Mumbai,says:I totally agree with them, only MUSLIMS are allowed to be buried. 9 who died were not MUSLIMS and have given a bad name to ISLAM.

Syed Qadeer,Qatar,says:This is the right step taken by Indian Muslim bodies. We should not allow such terrorists to be burried in our Indian soil. They are enemies of humanity and they should be treated as garbage.

pod czym sie podpisuje. obiema rekami.

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Maria pisze...

Maria UK ;) : nie uwazam wysadzajacych se w powierze czy strzelajacych do ludzi jak do kaczek, wykolejencow nie tylko za muzulmanow ale wogole za ludzi. Przez taki element cierpia niewinni ludzie, atego na pewno nie naucza islam

jest dobrze pisze...

normalni muzulmanie tez sa ich ofiarami.