czwartek, 28 lipca 2011

keeping things simple

History of human kind is a history of mixing.

Whatever culture one can think of, it was influenced by other culture, or cultures -one way or another.

Europe experienced long and painful history of persecuting people who were different, who did not want, ot were not able to blend into the rest of the society.
The 'other' has always been perceived with fear, which in turn caused anger, and then, agression. The 'other' wants to cause disharmony and eventually, desctuction to 'our' culture. Therefore 'we' have to protect it; most effectively, by eliminating the 'other'.

Dear readers... without muslim influences, 'European' culture would not be the same. Muslims were the main contributors to European culture, except of Europeans of course.
Ibn Sina's /Avicenna/ works inspired Thomas of Aquinus works, which enriched catholic telology. Ibn Sina himself was inspired by Aristotle.
See cultures influencing each other's development? This is only one, simple example.

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