czwartek, 8 września 2011


As far as I recall, there always had been a sense of unity between Polish muslims- sunnis, sufis, shias, it did not matter too much, as long as we were all muslims.
We were all very fitna-conscious, and being a tiny minority we would rather remain united.
This positive approach changed however, about 2 years ago- and I'm sad to say- with the growth of salafi community...
Suddenly it became very clear that being a sunni means being a 'true' muslim, and being a shia makes one to be a kind of a shady individual; better not to hang out with such or, God forbid, to talk to such a person- who knows maybe being shia is contagious? Better be extra careful.
Some lies about shias were spread by some people even few years back, but it did not matter too much.
Anyway things have changed.
I found myself being deleted from certain fb muslim groups, or blocked by few people.

I wonder why would people do such things?
As far as I understand my being shia- it's nothing more but another muslim madhab. First of all I am a muslim.

Funny thing is, people who spread the most unbelievable lies about shias, are the same ones who cry the most about unbelievable lies spread about muslims in general.
Brothers, sisters- so spreading lies about shias is perfectly ok; but spreading lies about muslims is not? You do not like being in position of somebody who is constantly humiliated by lies? Well why don't you stop telling lies about us, shias for a change?

No, we do not have different Qur'an.
No, we do not believe Ali ibn Abu Talib is God.
No, we do not believe Gibril made a mistake and gave Qur'an to Prophet Mohammad /pbuh/ instead of to Ali ibn Abu Talib.
The list is very long. Too bad.

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ana z maroka pisze...

Ludzka natura niestety taka juz jest ;(. Lubimy tylko/przewaznie swoja grupe, a inni sa ble.. w odniesieniu do religii jest to chyba najbardziej obecnie widoczne.
Smutna sprawa po prostu.

judge pisze...

Very Good!!!

Joel pisze...

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Grzegorz Laskowski pisze...

Pozdrowienia to coś z czym się przychodzi lub odchodzi jednak co zrobić by rozwijać je w nieskończoność? Cokolwiek postanowisz pamiętaj, ze był u Ciebie gość pragnący Twej rewizyty, do której zachęca Ciebie życząc radosnej twórczości!