poniedziałek, 10 listopada 2008

me vs incorporated forces of chaos

known also as 'forces of Evil' or Evil.Inc.

sometimes it's just the ordinary day, apparently, you wake up and the world looks normal. until you look in the mirror :D
yeah so then you try to feed those you have to feed- yourself, your ever hungry kid, and your rabbit /be it other pet/. yeah be honest, you keep forgetting about feeding your pet.

but let's start from the very beginning.
it seems you have plenty of spare time, the kid is happily fed. but them the kid starts to complain about the clothes, and shows you an empty place- where a button should be. now apparently missing. and this is the only possible outfit! so you pretend to be a good parent and just tell the kid 'do it by yourself', while the time is running.
haaaa, good one, rite- the good parent lol.
so after the kid is gone you realise your outfit is incomplete too, now the interesting, yeah, even fascinating search for a needle begins. after 20 minutes racing with the time you find the needle- in a most obvious place- such you would never think of.
then- your favourite pair of jeans - the one you did not use all summer because it was too hot- seem to have shrunk. yeah or is it you being bit bigger? naaah.... after Ramadan? IM_POS_SI_BLE!
no, they fit perfectly what a relief.

then you realise that you are being cruel to animals. you run to feed the pet- and hit your finger just the exact spot it was cut 2 days before. the finger starts to bleed hard and wow the big dilemma- it's either you or the cruel forces of nature! the rabbit wins.

then you are late for work, isn't it strange?

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