sobota, 22 stycznia 2011

me and the Great Chai Adventure

I am definitely a teaholic. I do not like coffee at all, I hardly ever drink it. most of times, in a cafe with good company, and I like it as a kind of dessert, must be very sweet, with whipped cream, milk and what else.

Anyway going back to tea.
In Poland usually we drink tea sweet and with slice of lemon. Yes, hot tea. In winter we add some raspberry syrup to our tea- very sweet and gives such a nice cozy feeling, one just has to think of hot summer day and sunshine while drinking it.
One of my favorite places in my city is Złoty Osioł (Golden Donkey), they serve tea with raspberry syrup and slice of orange. Sooo gooood :)

In India thanks to my ex I started to be addicted to chai, very sweet tea with milk. I loved it with some cardamom seeds added. A day without chai was a lost day. I suffered a lot every time I was running out of cardamom pods. No, really.
And quite unexpectedly- I stopped drinking chai completely. I no longer like it.
I have a half empty bag of cardamom and I do not feel like using it.
How strange is that?

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