czwartek, 27 stycznia 2011

Yesterday spookie cookie took her brand new pro pencils, oil pastels and said 'now I am going to artist myself a little bit'. Kids- the way they use words - just ignore all the rules to make the message even more understandable.

anyway :) (my second favorite word is 'anyway')
I am feeling tired today. Of winter (why so dark why so cold?) of being a muslim alien everywhere I go... I', an alien here. I'm an alien amongst muslims here because they are all sunni and I'm a shia. And if I went to any muslim country no matter sunni or shia I'd still be an alien because I am Polish.
No matter which direction you turn, you will always have your khm, 'behind' behind, as some wise people say :)
I'm so tired of being alone.

2 komentarze:

Anula pisze...

Jesteś Polką,tak wnioskuję :) nawróconą na Islam ? Pozdrawiam i spróbuję czytać.Zapraszam też do mnie.Anka.

ulahere pisze...

dziekuje za zaproszenie :)