sobota, 5 lutego 2011

fish tank

My sweet, handsome and talented younger brother visited us and stayed here for 2 days.
Recently he moved to a new flat and he proudly furnished it with IKEA stuff (fun, fun, fun! :D), and! TADAM! he finally fulfilled his childhood dream.
He bought himself a fish tank, filled it with nice plants and roots ect, then water. Then he had to leave. He planned to buy the fish after coming back.

Because he was away for some time he asked his BFF to come to his flat to check on things.
His friend calls: "Hey I was there in your flat, everything is ok, except I fed the fish, but they were all hiding somewhere, in the roots and plants".

Now imagine- he's such a great friend indeed; he managed to feed non-existent fish and was worried about them feeling stressed and lonely.

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