czwartek, 3 lutego 2011

waiting for spring to come

February is a month everybody in Poland wish to skip and forget. We are all tired of winter, snow, freezing wind, and darkness.
Have you even imagined how it feels like when it's dark shortly after 4pm? Well this is what we are dealing with for 3 months. I could bear snow and -20C temperature, but this darkness I cannot stand.

'North-European person' comes to a relatively poor country and is astonished to see all the smiling faces. It's the sunlight! People, it's the sunlight for sure.

I dream about seeing green leaves- sorry, artificial, plastic supermarket lettuce in my fridge won't be enough. I want to go for a long walk without having to be exposed to wind, that would first- make me cry, and then freeze tears on my face.

I want spring to come...

Spookie cookie drew a smiled face on her toe and called it 'palczak ai-ai', 'toey ay-ay'... She made ma laugh so I gues it's not as bad here hmmm? ;)

3 komentarze:

Arabella pisze...

Świstak wczoraj przepowiedział wczesną wiosnę :) ja mu wierzę,oczywiście tylko w tej sytuacji :)
Byle do wiosny!Też mam dość!
Pozdrawiam :)

Amisha pisze...

Taaaa, ta sztuczna sałata i pomidory. I te ciemności... tez już mi się dojadają i tęskno za światłem i zielenią...

ulahere pisze...

juz drugi dzien wieje malo lba nie urwie; ale cieplej :)