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all the joys of henna

Recently I read on henna tribe forum topic
*you know you're a henna artist, when...* and here I will be stealing some funniest stuff.

so,you know you're henna artist when...:

*Your second best advertising comes from strangers noticing your own hands.

*Your niece comes over and says, "Mmmmmm! I forgot how nice your house smells!"
Because of course you've been mixing henna and doing henna crafts for days! :)

*you never go swimming in the summer, for fear of fading your henna.

*your butter always tastes like lavender oil.

*you have paisley prints all over everything you own, cause you love the inspiration.

*you take pictures of the prints you can't buy in the store.

*your freezer has been taken over by hoarding henna paste and powder.

*people assume you have vitiligo because of your weirdly colored hands....

*strangers come up to you in grocery stores to talk really loudly about how you "did" them .. causing grandmas to stare...

*people assume you are in a band or a bellydancer casue who else would look so ridiculous....

*people ask you to work every event for free casue its not a "real" job...

*you are repeatedly told you smell like incense....

*you are followed by throngs of teenagers whenever go to the mall.....

*your name as far as the world knows you is "Henna Lady".....

*you always find glitter in your hair and bra....

*The skin on your non-dominate hand grows twice as fast as the skin on any other part of your body, since exfoliation is the best way to make room for new henna....

*You have hair that glows red in the sun (not true for everyone, but a disproportionate number of us can't help but put our product on our head!)

*You dress in "foreign" clothing to go grocery shopping

*You can say "thank you" in 9 languages and 6 different dialects

*The word "Auntie" sends involuntary shivers down your spine and creates a knot in your stomach

*when you excitedly dance out to the mailbox to retrieve "several kilos of killer powder," and neither your housemates nor your neighbors wonder any more.

*You pick pillows that will both match your couch and hide any henna oopsies from bridal feet.

*You have several dedicated dark towels for either your head or the scrubbing off phase.

*Your house sometimes has random little dark thingies on the floor and the cats no longer chase them and your housemates no longer scream "BUGS!"

*The soles of your feet are occasionally speckled from the above darned dark thingies.

*You find your major concern before surgery is to henna "Not this arm" on the wrong side and "Cut up there" on the right side, complete with circle-slash and little squiggly arrow. And flowers.

*Every time you walk into the grocery store/local pub/farmer's market and the staff just yells "show!" and you don't remove your top/bra.

*when your hand without henna on makes you feel naked and uncomfortable

*there are random cones lying about the house and usually have one in your handbag as well.

*You now have a special cabinet in the kitchen, a drawer in the fridge, and a shelf in the freezer, all devoted to henna...

*You know you're a henna artist when hearing someone say "henna tattoo" makes you cringe, and hearing "you got any of that black stuff?" makes you want to scream, throw up, or hit someone.

*... When you've heard this phrase at least 104 times: "My people invented that, you know."

*when you can draw the love, dragon, friend or warrior kanji without thinking.

*when you think tattoo artists get the easy job casue they get to trace. (its true- dont let them fool you. easy as pie)

*when the middle eastern grocery store cheers when you walk in- cause apparently they consider you the first sign of spring. and you realize you are the only one buying the rose and lemon water......

*when you have the fanciest ostara eggs of all. and everyone looks like a henna masterpiece... and then we destroy them without thinking....

*when we accept all things are temporary becasue our art is. its a daily reminder to love what we have now. henna is a life lesson.

thank you Crone, Dagstar, Elizabeth, Aurora, ladytetsu, Ajnahenna, MyshMash :)

dla polskich czytelników- poszukajcie na facebook naszej hennowej grupy artystycznej Alpana :)

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Bardzo ciekawa strona.
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Dobre! No to ile sie zgadza u ciebie?

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haha jakies 40% chyba jestem 'nieprawdziwa' ;)