środa, 6 kwietnia 2011

Islam and Jews

Islam was the first religion that offered Jews tolerance, safety and freedom to practice their religion.
Sounds unreal? Well it's true.

"The Jews who enter into this covenant shall be protected from all insults and vexations; they shall have an equal right as our own people to our assistance and good offices. The Jews of the various branches of 'Aws, Najjar, Harith, Jashim, Tha'labah, Aws, and all others domiciled in Yathrib (i.e. Medina) shall form with the Muslims one composite nation.

"They shall practice in their religion as freely as the Muslims.

"The clients and allies of the Jews shall enjoy the same security and freedom. The guilty shall be pursued and punished. The Jews shall join the Muslims in defending Yathrib (i.e. Medina) against all enemies. The interior of Yathrib shall be a sacred place for all who accept this Charter. The clients and allies of the Muslims and of the Jews shall be as respected as the principals."

After Prophet's Mohammad's coming to Yathrib (Medina) 14 centuries ago, Jews were invited to sign such an agreement with Muslims. In Europe, 60 years ago, Jews were persecuted and murdered only because they were Jews.
How short our memory is...

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