środa, 11 maja 2011

spookie cookie and wolves

Spookie cookie went for a school trip. She'll be away for two days, so she sends me text messages.
The first was:
"we're in the bus!"
"our guide looks like a werewolf!"
"we're almost there!"

but the 4th just made me think...

"Mommy, mommy! would you believe there were wolves there? And I was running and I saw THEM!!! How cool is that??!! And we were giving signs (howling, mainly myself)and we were divided into 3 groups, and me, Arthur and 3 other guys here hid very near the place, and when I was howling the wolves would answer! and even after that when I was howling some bird just flew away screaming! and the other group saw a female wolf giving birth! And after that we had to look for the group that was supposed to find us, because they got lost in the woods! and somebody stole our signs we left for them to make it easy to find us."

like... what am I supposed to think??

5th message:
"mom why aren't you answering my message?!"

Come home, child!

3 komentarze:

Cinnamon Snow pisze...

O mamo dobra! Fajnie :D

AskaG pisze...

dokladnie: Wracaj dziecko do domu!!!! :)

Betina pisze...

To się nazywa zwięzłe przekazywanie informacji,a jak wróci do domu to przetłumaczy...http://wiecznedzieci.blogspot.com/