wtorek, 17 maja 2011

networking at EMAF

EMAF was a nice conferrence with a very long yet meaningful name: Building the Network:
Social Responsibility in our Religious Traditions
2nd conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Abrahamic Forum

I guess the name itself tells us a story, but experiencing it was so much more inspiring.
The idea was to bring people together- in every way. There were participants of many different countries and all Abrahamic religions (and buddhists too! )
Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Spain, Albania, and, of course, Poland.

I was particularly happy that the conferrence was organised in my city. Like -the world is knocking at my door :) Very nice feeling (You should try this! ;) )

At the beginning I was kind of sure it would be another boring and sad event, gathering of people who'd just sit and listen to lectures. Now I am so happy I was wrong! We were divided into smaller groups, and we started to exchange our ideas, views, stories. It was so inspiring in itself. Seeing Jews and Palestinians talking and smiling to each other... Alhamdulillah for that!
Another fear I had was that we'll all get back to our daily routines without actually taking any actions after going back home. I am almost sure it won't happen.
Altogether the whole experience was so positive it makes me thank God for every second of it.
Believe it or not - the lectures were AMAZING! The lecturers focused on social responsibility in their religions- and you'd be so surprised to know how similar judaism, christianity and islam are when it comes to this particular topic (many other topics as well).

But the most important thing I realised was that our main obligation is to refuse to hate other human being. Of course, we see wars, crimes and oppression every day. But hating the opressors is so much easier than doing something to help the victims.
We will not be able to change anything by just feeling anger and hatred. Let's focus on compassion instead. Be responsible; do something.
Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said that even a smile is charity. So do not say 'I can't do anything'. Actually you can. All of us can.

środa, 11 maja 2011

spookie cookie and wolves

Spookie cookie went for a school trip. She'll be away for two days, so she sends me text messages.
The first was:
"we're in the bus!"
"our guide looks like a werewolf!"
"we're almost there!"

but the 4th just made me think...

"Mommy, mommy! would you believe there were wolves there? And I was running and I saw THEM!!! How cool is that??!! And we were giving signs (howling, mainly myself)and we were divided into 3 groups, and me, Arthur and 3 other guys here hid very near the place, and when I was howling the wolves would answer! and even after that when I was howling some bird just flew away screaming! and the other group saw a female wolf giving birth! And after that we had to look for the group that was supposed to find us, because they got lost in the woods! and somebody stole our signs we left for them to make it easy to find us."

like... what am I supposed to think??

5th message:
"mom why aren't you answering my message?!"

Come home, child!

kokosowe barfi

mleko skondensowane, mleko zwykłe, jeśli wiórki są grubo zmielone,
wiorki kokosowe

na 250g wiórków potrzebne będzie ok 200ml mleka skondensowanego i 50g masła.
roztapiamy maslo, wsypujemy wiórki
smażymy razem, a raczej saute bo wiórki nie powinny zmienić koloru, ciągle mieszając, jakieś 5 minut na malutkim ogniu.

*jeśli nasze wiórki są grube i twardawe, dodajemy pół szklanki mleka, i ciągle mieszając, gotujemy je, aż zmiękną. jeśli zajdzie potrzeba, tj jeśli mleko się wchłonie, a wiórki nadal będą twarde, znowu dolewamy trochę mleka. i do skutku- trochę tak jak z risotto i bulionem :)*

dodajemy mleko skondensowane, mieszamy, i dalej grzejemy na tym malutkim ogniu, aż wiórki 'wchłoną' mleko. zajmie to jakieś 3, 4 minuty. w razie potrzeby, dosładzamy.
wykładamy masę na płaski talerz, i można wcinać na ciepło
można też poczekać aż wystygnie, i pokroić w romby
można zamrozić. wyjąć w czasie nagłej potrzeby- nieoczekiwani goście, PMS, a zresztą, nie potrzebujemy wymówek żeby się najeść słodkiego, prawda?