wtorek, 24 czerwca 2008

shopping nightmare

last weekend I attended an official muslim gathering. yes, Polish muslim gathering.
I did the same thing last year but this one was special to me.
the place that was chosen happened to be very nice, surrounded by forest, peaceful and quiet.
the atmosphere was reflecting the place, and i think we all enjoyed it.
the most wonderful event during these days was a muslim-christian debate on family.
it was so amazing to realise that we have so much in common.
the christian speaker, prof. Sakowicz made a very interesting and thrilling remark. he stated that in western culture we are observing the very foundation of family being destroyed. and we, christians and muslims should act together to protect family, instead of focusing on the differences between us.
we all agree that family was founded by God. it is our common responsibility to protect it.

and about the shopping nightmare. I do have a very annoying type of dream that tends to happen to me quite regularly. it's about shopping. what is so annoying about shopping you may ask. well I dream I have plenty of money and I just have to buy something. sometimes I am visiting bakery, walking by the piles of cakes and different types of bread; and everything looks so good I just can't make up my mind. sometimes it is big shopping mall and I am buying gifts, walking from one shop to another only to recognise I am leaving empty-handed. once I had extremely intense dream of choosing the right perfume. I was standing there picking beautiful, colored bottles, one by one, opening them and I could actually feel the scents.
and few days ago, well I was buying saree. isn't it insane.

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Anonimowy pisze...

That was great event. espesially that I could spend it with you knowing each others and just talking talking talking...
By the way - best greetings to all sisters from Lublin - it was so nice to meet them all. And see you all soon inshAllah. (Now I seriously plan to visit Lublin soon ;)
Eli - Noor (motikiri.wordpress.com)

jest dobrze pisze...

Eli you r most cordially invited :) i am looking forwadr to see you here sis :)