niedziela, 21 listopada 2010

that happy feeling

Recently I've noticed I am feeling happy. How come?
I can't remember last time when I used to have that feeling. No really.
Maybe before I met my ex. After I met him, I felt everything but genuine happiness.

Now I need to give a definition of a 'happy feeling'.
It's a quite rare state of mind, in short, sense of peace, comfort and joy not associated with any outer phenomena. Simply- sense of 'it's all right' that comes from within for no special reason at all.

When I was a child, I used to have that feeling after all family members left the house, and I was there alone. Sitting in silence, listening to clock's tic-toc.... I used to enjoy that rare moments of seclusion immensely. Till that time clocks make me feel better.

So today it was the first time I had my 'happy feeling' again. It came to me so unexpectedly... Anyway I'm quite surprised my happy feeling is back, because I was pretty sure I will never have it again.

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