czwartek, 23 grudnia 2010

me and Christmas

salams :)

Many muslims believe it is forbidden to participate in any form of non-muslim religious activity.
But I truly love Christmas, not just for religious reasons, well maybe even in spite of any religious reasons. I am not a Christian, and I can't even say Christmas in Polish, because literal meaning is 'Birth of God'.

First of all, celebrating Christmas means being together with my family. I am the only muslim. At times I do feel like a lonely alien. During Christmas Eve supper, I can eat everything- since meat (pork!) is not served, just fish, all halal! This is the only kind of celebration I can fully participate in.

Second -it's part of my culture. In Poland Christmas is a big thing. Well, the biggest thing is Christmas Eve. The most important day of all days. I think only here it is perceived that way. 12 special, traditional dishes, all family members together, and many sweet, heart warming traditions... Like- an additional plate on a table for somebody who is lost and lonely. Because on Christmas Eve whoever knocks at your door is welcomed as a special guest.

Anyway :)
Merry Christmas everybody :)

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