wtorek, 17 maja 2011

networking at EMAF

EMAF was a nice conferrence with a very long yet meaningful name: Building the Network:
Social Responsibility in our Religious Traditions
2nd conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Abrahamic Forum

I guess the name itself tells us a story, but experiencing it was so much more inspiring.
The idea was to bring people together- in every way. There were participants of many different countries and all Abrahamic religions (and buddhists too! )
Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Spain, Albania, and, of course, Poland.

I was particularly happy that the conferrence was organised in my city. Like -the world is knocking at my door :) Very nice feeling (You should try this! ;) )

At the beginning I was kind of sure it would be another boring and sad event, gathering of people who'd just sit and listen to lectures. Now I am so happy I was wrong! We were divided into smaller groups, and we started to exchange our ideas, views, stories. It was so inspiring in itself. Seeing Jews and Palestinians talking and smiling to each other... Alhamdulillah for that!
Another fear I had was that we'll all get back to our daily routines without actually taking any actions after going back home. I am almost sure it won't happen.
Altogether the whole experience was so positive it makes me thank God for every second of it.
Believe it or not - the lectures were AMAZING! The lecturers focused on social responsibility in their religions- and you'd be so surprised to know how similar judaism, christianity and islam are when it comes to this particular topic (many other topics as well).

But the most important thing I realised was that our main obligation is to refuse to hate other human being. Of course, we see wars, crimes and oppression every day. But hating the opressors is so much easier than doing something to help the victims.
We will not be able to change anything by just feeling anger and hatred. Let's focus on compassion instead. Be responsible; do something.
Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said that even a smile is charity. So do not say 'I can't do anything'. Actually you can. All of us can.

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Alejkumki pisze...

Indeed it was great experiance of building the network. As future belongs to those who care about it today - we built our tomorrow together.

y pisze...

Hi. Fllow me, please!

Marta pisze...

So amazing that we have still peoples who are so amazing like you ;) Good Job !

It will be nice to see you sometimes in my blog. ^^

Amisha pisze...

Ja po polsku... i jako chrześcijanka podpisuję się pod Tobą Muzułmanką. Ściskam mocno!

Falaxy pisze...

Amen to compassion!