sobota, 10 maja 2008

surfing the net

today i am going to meet with my old classmates form high school. there will be people i have not seen for 15 years. but i promised i would hit anybody who mentions it's our 15th anniversary, i am not that old to celebrate such ;)
so the thing is i am going to meet people who do not know me as muslim, and who perhaps will ask me thousands of questions on Islam. and i do not feel prepared to be the main subject there.
the other thing is they chose a restaurant that serves polish traditional dishes- pork, pork, pork- but let's see what happens.

anyway, i found a great website for English speaking people /now i am doing tawbah, it should be translated to Polish, forgive me God, forgive me my laziness/
the site was constructed to compare Bible to Quran.
very very interesting information there!

i am thinking a lot about Poland being traditionally catholic country and Poles being born catholics.
they do follow what the Church tells them during religion lessons- they would never suspect that priests do not teach them the original version of the 10 commandments, but the changed one, with the second commandment taken away. nobody bothers to read the Scripture.
even more amazing fact is that when people do read it- theology students, priests-to-be, 99% of them just do not mind. DO NOT MIND!!!
i asked one priest-to-be once, how do priests can sleep peacefully at night, teaching children the false version of 10 commandments, it's like they would skip 'do not kill' one day. the kids grow up and they do not follow one of the most important God's orders, all thanks to your false teachings- how can you sleep at night? i asked this man, but he never answered me, till this very day.
i happened to meet 5 theology students, 3 of them, do-not-minders type, made plenty of excuses, the other 2, married Polish couple, read Quran and embraced Islam together, the same day, mashaAllah. without knowing personally any muslim before. God is the best, the only Guide and Provider.

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walkingfear pisze...

Przepraszam, ale piszesz bzdury. Szczególnie o polskich katolikach. Uogólniasz. Jeśli chodzi o 10 przykazań czepiasz się drugiego, a trzeba pamiętać, że 10 przykazań zawartych w Księdze Wyjścia różni się od tych w Księdze Powtórzonego Prawa. Zresztą niektóre są już rozszerzone na poziomie Tory. Nie wszystkie przykazania przekazane narodowi izraelskiemu dotrwały do dnia dzisiejszego. Oj, dużo by można jeszcze o tym pisać...

Oldasi pisze...

wiem tylko jedno.. nie zgodze sie ze stwierdzeniem, ze: "a system for belief should be based upon sound principles of reasoning and understanding, rather than feelings and emotions".. Bo wiara to nie logika, a Uczucie. Przynajmniej dla mnie.
Tak czy siak, w swojej odmiennosci pozdrawiam.