wtorek, 13 maja 2008

tired but happy

today i got to decorate the blog with Islamic widgets- hope they will be useful- and new picture, hope you'll like it.
greetings to the reader from Israel, and best wishes :)

things go well. tomorrow or this Thursday I am going to open my business, inshaAllah it will be successful enough I will be able to help other people. I dream of collecting funds to educate a child in India, inshaAllah more than one. people in India are so much into learning, they are very ambitious, very intelligent, and they work very hard. here people have very fixed conceptions about the so-called third world countries, but it is so surprising to go there and see for yourself, even beggars would use English, whereas in Poland majority of clerks, government officials, members of parliament... have problems with understanding simple sentences.
so if you are not a Polish speaking person forget about doing shopping, sending a package at the post office, in restaurants it is better but it's a shame anyway.

so it is amazing how people in India are. I've seen people working till late evening in their small workshops, making pots, furniture, etc. fruit sellers, proudly presenting immaculately cleaned fruits piled carefully in perfect pyramids. people who would serve you as guides- at the airports they would give you so many tips on how to call, they would carry your luggage, tell you about free bus -and that saves you money you know ;) of course they expect our gratitude to be expressed with money. but the fact they are so hard working earns my deepest respect.

wherever I went to in Hyderabad I was to see proud, hard working people.
so keep that in mind when you think of a third world country.

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